Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fuck their witlesses

Well, the persecuters in the George Zimmerman travesty have their diapers in a bunch. The daughter, aof Georges Lawyer, a person not connected with the defense team in any way apparently, posted a photo on instagram of her having a cone with her dad, and labeled it "We beat stupidity celebration cones."
Now aint that some stupid shit? The criminal attorneys want an inquery after their piss poor lyinass witless made a fool of herself on the stand.
Oh, and I have a word of caution for Don Wests daughter. You have not beaten stupidity just yet. When the jury returns a not guilty verdict, and a judge orders that The drug dealing thugs family must return the settlement cash to to the HOA, then you have beaten stupidity. For now, you just made it look, well, stupider.
Its time to end the wrongful persecution and send Angela Corey to prison for her misconduct.

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