Friday, October 4, 2013

Any thing you do can get you killed

Attention yesterday was riveted on the woman who rammed a barricade near the White House, and was subsequently shot dead after a brief police chase. Every thing I have heard indicates this was a woman who did something stupid and panicked

She had her daughter in the car, the child was well cared for. This does not fit the profile of a suicide attack unless she is a mooslime.

My guess is that she got screwed up on directions. Or maybe hit the gas instead of the brake. When she crashed the barricade, she went into Oh Shit mode. Lots of heavily armed Storm Trooper thugs will instill that reaction, and too many police today act and appear that way. She had no chance of escaping. Its not like in the movies, life is not Gone in Sixty Seconds where one guy can dodge a hundred trained well equipped cops.

Then again, she may have been going to the White House to volunteer during the shut down. She did kinda resemble Monica, only black. Barry wouldn’t have been interested. He prefers ones who look .like Reggie Love.

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