Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No compromise

House republicans need to stand their ground. No backing down. That means no compromise. Our government is on the wrong track. The legislators need to remember that they work for us, the people, and we are sick and tired of the government craziness.

I worked for sixteen years in manufacturing and spent most of my time maintaining the machines. If a machine is producing scrap because it is broke, you don't keep running scrap just to keep it going and an operator busy. You shut it down, find something else for the operator to do, or if he is the problem, fire him, and fix the machine. Even if its producing some good product in with the scrap, you weigh your options. If its still profitable, and of immediate necessity, you might keep running depending on how long the fix will take. We get some good, but very little from our government. Right now, the benefit is not worth the cost of the waste.

In the Army, we had a saying GYHOYA. It means Get Your head Outa Your Ass. Call congress and tell them GYHOYA.

Seventeen years ago under the leaderlessness of worthless Willie, we had a shut down, and congressional republicans got the blame thanks to the lame stream media and their unending Clinton Fellatio. What, you thought Monica was the only one sucking his dick? Today, thanks to the blogosphere, more Americans know the truth.

If republicans compromise, they need to be thrown out. If they won't represent us, we need new representation. To take a phrase from the men who served gallantly at Okinowa, "Hold the line or die." Compromise equals capitulation. If you won't fight to win, we want another fighter. We will get them in 2014 if necessary.

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