Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Good for the students

Students at Brown University booed Storm Trooper goon Ray Kelly off the stage at a school event in which he was to lecture about how the government violating your rights is good for you.
Too bad the kids didn't have tar and feathers for bloomin idiots hand picked head thug.
The policy he was there to defend was recently struck down as unconstitutional because it targets minorities. On the one hand we have the FACT that most of the violence in our major cities is caused by marauding bands of black thugs.  On the other, we have the fact that the police are over reaching, New York is in gross violation of the Constitution even if the supreme injustices of the court have not got the gumption to defend it and make the feral government and the states abide by it. We the people have rights. Government is our servant, not our master, and cities are crappy corporations, not government agencies no matter how hard the elitists want to make them special.
Its time to make those who violate the Constitution pay. Flog em, castrate em or kill em based on how severe the violation, and how many times they have trampled on our rights.
Hats off to the kids, and the one finger salute to Bloomy and his pet hemorrhoid.

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