Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm back Sort of

Nothing bad happened to me, honest, I just crashed my computer last week. The delay in getting back on line was my browser. After I got all the files reloaded, I had to scrub my hard drive, I was stuck. My system is old, I got this thing in 2006. It uses Windows Vista, and ancient IE6. lot of compatibility issues to deal with. I couldn't get the updates to load right, and although I could get onto the web, I could not access any blogs. Not mine, not Denny, no one on my list of regulars, or even irregulars. The page would load, then a message would pop up saying unable to load the page. It didn't matter whether I hit ok, or the x, the page would then disappear.
Prior to the crash, I got a popup message saying I needed an urgent update to my browser to continue. I pulled the plug, literally, and rebooted. When I did, my system said there were corrupted files about ten seconds into the reboot. It went to command prompt, and when I checked my files, my C drive was vacant. To make matters worse, I was connected to my back up, and it was wiped as well. I got up and going using a five year old copy I had from another computer. Not great, but I'm back on line. redneck ingenuity strikes again. Like sticking a chevy bigblock in a VW....
Then all the headaches started with loading IE. I had been running on a midrange version of IE 8. I got sick of their upgrade fiasco quite a while back, and turned off updates. I'd had a few times where their updates were worse then the problems they wanted to fix. I guess we know where the O'bozocare websites were designed. Only the best and brightest.
Well, I gave up on IE, and loaded firefox.
I'm back in the saddle again.

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Gregory said...

I use firefox too. I am having troubles with my computer that can't be fixed either. Windows 7 doesn't seem to be much better than XP to me. Going to wipe my hard drive in a couple of days and start fresh....hate to do that .....having to start with motherboard drivers and all that but.........