Friday, October 11, 2013

My sympathy to Adrian Peterson

His son has become the victim of domestic violence having been beaten to death by the boyfiend of his mother. If stuff like ths does not make you sick, well, you need help. Joseph Robert Patterson needs to be taken out some where and shot once it is confirmed that he did this. I have little doubt, I just want an official seal on his carcass.

It disgusts me when pravda refers to the child as being a victim of an alleged assault. Like the child did something to deserve this? Thanks to abortion, we no longer place value on human life. Yes, I support the death penalty, for those who forfeit their right by deeds such as this. Our society is becoming increasingly violent. Why? because we tollerate stuff like this, and in the rare cases where we punish the criminal, we take decades to do it. In the wild west, life was safer then it is in modern America. Back then justice was served up cold with a tight noose from the back of a spooked horse.  No formality, just cleansing the gene pool.

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