Friday, October 18, 2013

They are too long now

I am not a baseball fan. I quit watching and caring when the players went on strike, and I have no found a reason to go back now. That means that when a top story about basebawl catches my eye, its a slow news day which means the media laphogs are not reporting on the failings of the commie child in charge as usual.
Yahoo's top news story today is about instant replay for baseball, and the neighborhood rule. I guess diehard baseballers won't be happy until the games last as long as the strike did. BTW, is it over yet? Would I care if it wasn't? Yup, umpires make mistakes, but adding replay to a game bacause an official made a mistake because he fell asleep due to boredom is the wrong call.
I guess the only reason I care is because too much air time is spent on baseball as it is.At least college football pretty much limits themselves to one day a week. The pro's should follow suit.


Gregory said...

Heck, I quit looking at baseball nearly 20 years ago. Way too commercialized.

JeremyR said...

I wasn't a big fan, and the strike toasted it for me.

Gregory said...

What amazes me is the shear number of grown up men who keep looking at it. I think that they must, just love to have a reason to sit around.