Thursday, January 15, 2015

How should she respond?

Jodi Ernst has been tapped to deliver the response to Deer Readers State of the Union. What will she say? A woman who campaigned on a plan to cut pork vs the biggest spender that ever went to Washington is a contrast greater than day vs night.
She could openly mock his over reach, his crazy spending, his unending efforts to make all American poor. She could dissect his proposals, point out their flaws, and remind him that Americans overwhelmingly rejected his agenda which he put front and center in the 20147 elections.
Or she could just stand there and laugh. If it was me, that is what I would do. Laugh,laugh harder, fall on the floor laughing, laugh til I was gasping for air and on the verge of passing out! Catch my breath, utter "wada maroon", then start laughing some more. Then, after all the nutworks cut to a commercial, regain my composure, get back on my feet, and when the telecast resumed, ask, "does any one take him seriously any more?" Then fall down laughing again.
Congratulation Joni, I know you won't do my plan. Let what you say be the Gettysburg address of a new era of smaller more efficient government.

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