Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Islamic normalism is on its way. WATCH OUT

Why do people call what happened in France extreme? Looking back at 1000 years of mooslime interaction with western culture, or any civilized culture for that matter, what happened in France is normal behavior for them. Look at places like Saudi Arabia where Christianity is forbidden. In the years prior to 9-11-01, stories about guest workers from places like South Korea, or the Philippines being beheaded for their faith were common place. This is not a new phenomena, the religion of perverts has been acting this way since Mohamhead the pedophile got booted out of the Jewish synagogue in Mecca. He attempted to pass himself off as an apostle or prophet, but after listening to him, Christians, Jews, and all the crazy little religions that abounded in Mecca laughed him to scorn. We see in his early writings consolation toward the Christians and Jews, but after they sent him packing for good, he became bitter, calling for their destruction.
His early followers were the weak and weak minded. Not much has changed. His book of BS contains so many contradictions, it might as well say nothing. Which essentially, it does any way.
After fleeing to Medina, Mohammy began his life of child molestation. He married a child of six, and began having sex with her when she was eight. The hadith written by this baby state that when she went in with him to consummate the marriage, she laughed. Lets dwell on this a moment. She was a virgin. We don't have many virgin marriages today, but lets picture how it goes. After the wedding, the couple retire to the honeymoon suite. She darts into the bathroom and changes from her wedding dress to some sexy attire. The guy does what all guys do, strips naked then flops down on the bed to await her. Most virgins walking out of the bathroom see his boner, and gasp! That thing is gonna fit in this little vagina? With Asha, we have the opposite reaction. She sees it and breaks into laughter. My bet is she had seen a couple of guys naked. likely playmates her own age, but maybe a grown man or two. I would not expect she had ever seen an erection though. How small was it? No wonder he hated blacks.
Eventually the false prophet and his band of merry losers went back and took control of Mecca. From there, they spread out to all the surrounding regions using methods similar to those used today. When they are few, they say they want to live among you in peace. As they grow more numerous, they begin to demand special treatment and recognition, and eventually they begin all out attacks on anything they consider to not be in strict compliance with whatever idiot they follows claims s his view of the Satanic verses. Europeans eventually got sick of the BS and the killings. Remember the Crusades? They were about kicking normal islam out of Europe and making the world safe.
It was a lesson quickly forgotten. By the time of the American Revolution, Europe was again having problems with the goat molesters. Our first fight after gaining independence was with the muslims of present day Libya. They were not some far left religious group, they were mainstream followers of the pedophile. They were killing and robbing Christians, Jews, and every other religious group.
People talk about an islamic reformation in a form similar to the  the reformations of the Catholic Church that led to the beginnings of the Lutheran and other groups. Keep this in mind, Luther did not write a new Bible. He, a man versed in the languages of the Bible only translated it into German. He asked the Papacy to quit teaching things that were not contained in Holy Scripture. That is not the case with mooslimes. The people who are attacking and killing Christians and Jews in France are not misinterpreting Mohamheads stack of trash, They are following it to the letter. Islam does not need reformation, it needs extermination. That's not gonna happen though. Leaders of the world will cave to the goat fuckers. The seat which for decades was occupied by the leader of the free world is now occupied by a man who is a piss poor leader, if one at all, but more importantly, one who is a mooslime.
If you've ever read the Bible, you know what's coming. Whether it takes a few months, a few years , or another decade, make no mistake, The actions of the islamists are clearly described in the books of Revelation and Daniel. Beneath the alter of GOD will be gathered the people who are slaughtered for their faith. They won't be muslims. They will be people who don't have a gun to defend themselves.
So, think about it, this isn't radical islam, this is just islam. They await the return of their hidden imam. When satan is cast down to earth, he may very well present himself as the return of that evil man. I could be wrong about that. I'm not wrong about islam though. We have had 1400 years of their BS, and its still the same BS.

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