Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why do leftard's hate circumcision?

A fight is on in Florida over the circumcision of a child. It has gone on so long that the boy is now four. It is a procedure that should take place as soon as possible after birth, and one that is known to have medical benefit. When I was a teen, it was already widely known that circumcision effected the rate of cervical cancer in women. Women who had sex with only circumcised men had a lower rate. We now know that is because of HPV, and how it is spread. HPV also causes penile cancer. I guess that is why feminazi's want men to keep the foreskin... and then lose there peckers.
On facebook a while back, some gal stated that she was going to circumcise her son. if she had one, because it would lessen his sensitivity. People piled on her for that big time. That would be a benefit since men tend to reach orgasm faster then women, it would increase pleasure for the gal. They don't see it that way.
GOD commanded circumcision for his people. I guess he knew about HPV and ladies pleasure long before the first feminazi slithered upon the planet. It has been a long standing practice here in the United States. In 1979, 64.5% of baby boys were circumcised. that number has dropped, mainly because insurance companies call it an unnecessary procedure and will not pay for it in many cases. The number now stands just above 58%..
Increasing the rate of circumcision has helped slow the spread of anal injected death serum in Africa. The AIDS virus needs a place to grow. It is a fragile virus. No matter whether an infected man is circumcised, if he ejaculates inside a vagina or an anus, the virus is almost guaranteed to spread. But if a man has been cut, his chances of contracting it from an infected woman or pervert is greatly reduced.
The most ironic thing though for me regarding circumcision though is that for all its benefits for the female of the species, Mooslimes do everything in their power to insure that women still cannot enjoy sex. I'll cover that more some other time.

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