Sunday, January 11, 2015

White lives matter too

No, this isn't about blacks killing whites. It isn't about black cops killing whites, its about cops killing period. The black community is in an uproar about several recent blacks killed by people who were not black. A lot of it is fueled by the black grievance industry Captained by Jesse Hymietown Jackass, and Al Tawana Brawley Crown Heights Riots Freddie’s Fashion Mart Arson Sharpton. They have picked a couple of losers, St Skittles, and St Swisher Sweets, but there have been blacks killed by cops who did not need killing. This is not about them. They have their pitchmen.
Instead, this is about people who have been murdered by out of control cops. In Billings Montana, police officer Grant Morrison shot 38-year-old Richard Ramirez. Ramirez was not armed. In all likelihood, he  was stoned, he was a meth addict. I have no use for meth addicts, but it does not warrant a death sentence unless handed down by a jury. This is not the first time Morrison has murdered some one from behind his badge. in 2013 he shot Jason Shaw who had a BB gun during a traffic stop.
In Salina Kansas, deputies murdered Brock Nichols after going to his home to do a welfare check requested by his estranged wife. The officers were at the home for close to two hours. A welfare check should never take more than five minutes.
There are many police shootings every year. Many are justified as in the case of St Swisher Sweets. A claim of an officer in fear for his life should never be acceptable. Real physical danger should be required, along with a requirement that the officers be FULLY in the right. Cases where a SWAT team kicks down the wrong door at 3AM killing a home owner who thought it was burglars should always result in a conviction. Cops are supposed to be the professionals.
If a suspect is killed and is not armed, or posing a real threat, it should be an automatic death sentence for the cop who killed him. I am not referring to some crazy who is swinging punchs kicks, or a chain. Not some one who is in a physical altercation with the officer unless he did not instigate the physical altercation. For crying out loud, the cops have body armor, Joe average does Not!
If the perp has a gun, he must be attempting to use it. reaching for his waist? So what? Until the gun is in his hand, and is being swung toward the officer, or some innocent bystander, It should be a no shoot situation. Yes, some one can swing a gun up awfully fast, but a bullet travels at 1500 or more feet per second, and if the cop has his gun on target or close, he will still win that argument.
Second, the cop must have a right to be where he is when he pulls the trigger. In the case of Brock Nichols, that did not exist. The cop had no right to be in the bedroom. In my opinion, the cop lost his right to be in the home five minutes after he arrived.
More and more, our police are turning into thugs as bad as any street gang. They are aided and abetted by a system of liars who promote the violence because it means job security. Real criminals get a free pass from the courts all too often. That puts them back on the streets doing their crimes before the victims have time to digest that they walked free.
Since 9-11, our police have become militarized. every petty department has to have swat teams and fancy gear. The embattled military mentality is getting worse. They are no longer protecting us, they thing they are ruling us.
Every time a cop kills and gets a free pass, the family sues and gets a huge payday. That money does not come out of the cops pocket. He is held harmless by a corrupt system. Instead, it is taken out of the pockets of the people whether through higher property taxes, or insurance premiums, it is never the bad cop who pays.
Cops who kill should stand trial, a public trial before a jury of citizens. Since I have no faith in the lawyers who are elected to serve as prosecution doing a fair job, in cases such as these, it should be a special prosecutor chosen by the family of the deceased. Then we will have a better chance of justice.
If cops face the real threat of financial pain, or prison for their thug like actions, they might think twice. Yes, I believe Darren Wilson should have stood trial for killing St Swisher sweets. I believe he would have been exonerated, and then the black grievance industry would have been silenced.
There are a lot of good cops out there, don't get me wrong. Bad actions by one tarnish many, and as has been shown, may place the lives of other cops in real danger. Cops are supposed to work for us. Lets reestablish the employer employee link, and put the people back in charge.

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