Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Story about a poor farmer

There was a poor man who had a herd of goats. He also had a beautiful teenage daughter. Part of her daily chores included feeding and caring for the goats.
One day she rushed in to the barn where her father was busy milking the goats and exclaimed, "Dad, there are some Mormon missionaries coming up the driveway.
Dad replied, "You know how those morons are girl, go hid in the closet."
Several days later, again she saw strangers approaching, and rushed to her dad. "Father," she exclaimed, "there are Jehovah's Witnesses coming up the driveway."
"Dear Lord daughter," Exclaimed dad, "You know how those Witless's are, go hid in the closet."
The next day, she again burst in on dad, "father, there are muslims coming up the driveway!"
"Oh Lord" exclaimed dad, "You know how those muslims are girl, hide the goats in the closet."

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