Friday, January 16, 2015

More about Moe Hamhead

Earlier I told you a little about the pedophile from Mecca and how his wife laughed when she first saw him naked. Tonight, I want to expand on that a little just to piss off a few more camel screwers.
After Aisha quit laughing, Moe, who was nude on the bed, pointed at his privates, and asked if she knew what it was. Aisha exclaimed with delight, "That's a wee wee."
"No", said Moe, "this is a cock."
Aisha grinned, and said, "NO, that's a wee wee."
"Girl", said the false prophet, "this is a cock.
"Oh no!" Exclaimed Aisha, "Cocks are black and much larger."
Which is why the Arab mooslimes have spent a thousand years enslaving the Negro's of Africa.

Strive to never accidentally piss off a mooslime. Do it with full intent and deliberation. Make every syllable hurt.

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