Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why mooslimes hate Jews

I've already explained to you about Mohammy having a small penis. His favorite wife laughed when she saw him nude.
Back in Mecca, in the 6th century, there was a fairly large community of Christians and Jews. Before becoming a false prophet, the pedophile was a trader. he would travel through out the region with a string of camels.
Well, riding with out a good saddle brought problems, so he went to see the local doctor who happened to be a Jew. Go figger. An assistant escorted old Mo into an examination room and instructed him to strip. When Dr Goldstein cam in though, Hammy was still clothed in his travel garb, and acting embarrassed about removing it. Good Dr Ben, using his best bedside manners assured him that he had seen thousands of men naked, and that he was a professional, and there was nothing to be concerned with.
Reluctantly then the camel boinker removed his garb, revealing the smallest penis the good doctor had seen in his nearly forty years as a physician, new borns included. At first, he smirked, then he began to chuckle, and in less than a minute, he was rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter.
Finally, regaining his composure, he first apologized to the false prophet, then assured him that he would do his utmost to maintain his professional bearing. He then asked Mo to explain the problem.
Pointing at his tiny member, Mohamhead stated, "Its swollen."
And now you know the real reason the splody dopes hate Jews.

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