Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A new year

In less than 48 hours Nancy P. Lousy will call to order a new and more absurd Congress. As strange as it might seem, it is sadly true. Mad Maxi-pad will be chairing the house finance committee. That is like putting a drunk to guard the brewery.
What a crowd! Over the last few months we have gotten enough material from airhead AOC to keep comedians in business for a decade. Nope, they aint gonna make one joke about the ditsy dame and her motor mouth. To her credit, I don't think she is stupid, she is woefully misinformed and monumentally uninformed. Couple that with her psycho chick looks and maybe there is a reason her hood shipped her south. She comes across as the kind of date who would delete your mother's phone number from your phone because it's for a female.
I half expect that before the first of February they will try to impeach President Trump. That brings a question, the Constitution says they can impeach for high crimes and misdemeanors. Can they impeach a man who has done nothing wrong? Unless the press is covering for Donald J. Trump, there is absolutely no evidence he has done any thing illegal. Okay, I take that back, his order on bump stocks violates the 2nd Amendment. Bigly.
2008 was a shit show. The donks controlled both houses. They had enough members in the Senate to steam roll any piece of crap legislation they wanted. Their signature accomplishment was oblowmecare which was so faulty it is beyond pathetic. Then they couldn't fix their goofs because They lost floater's seat.
Will they be able to do anything this congress? Let's hope not. My dream is to see the shut down continue for at least 90 days. President Trump should at some point tell them no more continuing resolutions, give me a budget or shut up.
Liarwatha has signaled that she intends to run for President in 2020. Go for it baby, the reservations will be voting republican. I guess that means the slinky won't be running again.
Speaking of HiLlARy, are you expecting a conviction? Don't get your hopes up. While the Clintons are past their use by date, they have enough names and dirt to insure themselves for life. They won't receive justice until GOD hands it to them. People want to think of them as the pinnacle of power. They were never that. They were bought and paid for puppets of powers that be, and those powers do not want any chances taken. That is the swamp. Ever see a self cleaning oven? Of course you have. The swamp is a self polluting den of iniquity. Cleaning that swamp is like hacking kudzu. Pause for a moment and you may not ever be seen again.
The protection racket has been exposed. We now know just how filthy the establishment is. Department of Justice? As criminal as the mafia or any of the cartels, and it has been laid bare for all to see. They are untouchable. There is no way to fix the problem short of a revolt, and that will never happen.
Welcome to 2019. Welcome to gridlock and welcome to tunnel vision because nobody cares enough to help the President fix the problems.

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Gregory said...

I hate to see this government shutdown continue because the border patrol people aren't getting paid and we sure as hell need them.