Thursday, January 10, 2019


I will begin by pointing out that I do not like the politics of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. her far left approach to American politics and her slanted view of the constitution as viewed through a transnational lens is to me entirely wrong.
RBG recently underwent surgery to remove cancerous growths from her lungs. She has had other bouts with cancer in 1999 and 2009 and is certainly getting up there in age. Some times it seems she has drifted off into another world, happy in her own mind.
This week marks the first time in her career on the court that she has missed oral arguments. Other than by sleeping through them. Already many on the left are calling for her to resign and retire. Others are floating the idea she is actually dead but they have not got enough embalming fluid in her veins to hold down the stench.
Lets not move too fast. Yes, she is the polar opposite of me in her views, but this is the only time she has missed in over 25 years. Her dedication to her job is far better than all the members of Congress who waste half their time in Washington campaigning for their next election, and the majority of the rest of it looking like idiots.
Folks on the left might want to start worrying. Given her prior record, this may be indicative of how serious her health is. While some expect that she will be back on the bench by February, it is also possible that the battle with cancer may be nearing it's end.
Something moved in me today, and I pray that Ruth discovers the truth of GOD now before she faces him in judgement. Chronicles in the old Testament record the deeds of the kings of Israel. Some walked with GOD, some did not. Some found him early, some late, some never. All met him at their judgement. Ruth's decisions, especially concerning abortion will be judged by GOD some day.
RBG has stated that she would retire when she could no longer do the job. While I'm certain she hates the idea of President Trump appointing a successor, she must at some point realize her own mortality.
I wonder though, if she can join in deciding a case she was not present to hear simply be reviewing the cliff's notes, would it be allowed for her replacement to enter in those judgements if he or she is appointed before the end of the court calendar?

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