Sunday, January 6, 2019

I know I'm not the only one who is shocked

The report is in. Given the tenor of the last year, I was expecting the Parkland commission to white wash the shooting and protect HiLlARy supporting Sheriff Israel. Instead, the report contains what we all know to be true.
1. Counting on the police to protect you will never work. First, it would require too many cops. Parts of this country are already approaching a police stare, yet that has done nothing to diminish the murders and other violent crimes. Couple that with the sad fact that many of our police are cowards who will shoot unarmed people and pets, but hide when there is a real threat that needs suppression, and it becomes clear that they are not a solution to the problems we face. All they can do in most cases is document the deed and call for clean up.
2. Arming teachers would save lives. Four teachers confronted the shooter, three of whom perished. The fourth, Ernie Rospierski saved many lives by preventing the shooter from entering the stairway. If any of those four would have been armed, The shooting would have ceased at that point. If the roving coaches in there golf carts had been armed, they would have been in great positions to stop him before he ever fired a shot.
3. Policies in place in Florida, thanks to the Obama administration, kept the shooter from having a criminal record which would have prevented him from legally owning a gun. There is the sad fact also, that in too many cases, the records of juveniles are sealed when they turn eighteen or not long after meaning that the bad kids become bad adults and no one does a dang thing.
Instead we have a person who was known as Crazy Boy, and labeled the one most likely to shoot up the school, doing exactly that.

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