Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Time for a shot across the bow

Tomorrow the democrat communist shit show of fake hearings and false charges begins as Nancy P. Lousy and the donks begin their redux. They have signaled that they intend to harass the President and do every thing in their power to impede progress rather then legislate. Okay, fine.
The President should open the show by firing a warning shot of his own.
During the election in Minnesota it became known that Donk Ilhan Omar was married to her brother. It was also apparent it was a sham marriage as she continued to live with her "former" husband. Why the sham? Immigration fraud pure and simple. Those are serious charges and ample cause to revoke her citizenship. Does anybody think that would get Nancy P. Lousy's attention? I kinda doubt it. She aint living in the real world.
The follow up punch should be civil rights charges against Keith Elison the muslim woman beating Attorney General of Minnesota. Since any state charges against him would be caught in a conflict of interest, and because his position precludes a fair trial, let the state languish and let him rot in a federal prison. Too bad we can't deport him as well, but he was born in Detoilet aka Somalia on the lake.
President Trump is rumored to have a stack of sealed indictments.  Strategic use of them is essential. Too many and it will look like a socialist purge, something Stalin or HiLlARy would do. President Trump needs to use these with sniper perfect precision. SO far the only thing real the leftists can impeach him on is his violating the 2nd amendment with the bumpstock ban. Imagine them taking him to task over that.

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