Saturday, July 3, 2010

Barry visits Japan

Seems our head Kenyan may have managed to sneak across the pacific to visit Japan and renegotiate terms of surrender. He arrived in the middle of the night, and thanks to jet lag, and a good nap on the plane was wide awake at the hotel. With nothing better to do at that hour, he asked the hotel clerk to send up a Geisha so he could sample the finest of Japan. soon a discreet girl was found, and with no wasted time Barry was in bed and on top of her.
As he thrust in, she exclaimed" Machiga~Tsu ta ana". Barry did not understand, but it intrigued him and he decided he must remember it so as to impress the emperor.
The next day, after a brief summit with the prime minister and Emperor, His holiness, not Barry, asked if Barry would be interested in a game of golf, explaining that the emperor had a private set of links.
Well, fast as you can say fore, Barry was ready for it. on the third green, Barry got lucky and sank an eagle. To impress his hosts, he exclaimed "Machiga~Tsu ta ana".
Immediately, the prime minister and Emperor ducked their heads together and conferred. After several minutes, the emperor said, "Mr. President, it was the correct hole."

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