Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grow a beard already.

Why this made the news, I don't know, but it seems some men are revolting against "the man" They are fed up with Gillette and Schick and the endless blade wars.
Suggestion fellas, grow a beard. GOD put hair on your face for a reason, most likely to hide the damn thing.
I dumped my razor when I got out of the service, and have not regretted it.
My middle brother got out of the Air Force in 1968. By the time he arrived home, he had a full beard, and from that day forward, kept it proudly. When my #2 brother was to get hitched, he picked Middle brother to be his best man. The bride to be sent him a letter and said that if he was to be part of the wedding, he would have to shave the beard. A week later a package arrived in hte mail containing a large bag of red whiskers.
When he arrived for the wedding however, he had regrown it. My sister in law was not impressed. I some times think that by the end of the wedding she was regretting it, and now forty years later, she regretts it even more.
Middle bro kept the beard. Through heat and cold, good times and bad, it was always him.
After a move to a new location, a dream job presented itself for him, a fire fighter position on a prestegious department.
After he was hired, the chief told him the beard needed to go, so home he went, into the bathroom, and twenty minutes later, emerged clean shaven. His sixteen year old son took one look and exclaimed, " Yikes! no wonder you hid that thing all these years. When mom sees that, shes gonna leave for sure."
The worst part of it? He was the cute one in the family.

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