Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dems wise up!

The dems are considering a shift away from their system of super stupid delegates. They are planning to slash the total from 20% to 15%. The supers are what gave Barry the bungler his win over Hillary the horrible.
I said during the campaign that the question most important was, "Are they choosing the runner up, or the next president?"
Well, they picked the runner up candidate, and we got him as the president. A large part of that is due to the press. Coverage by Pravda USA encourage folks to vote for McCain even though he had little in common with republican or conservative ideals. He is making the big shift to the right as he campaigns for reelection, just like Barry, Hillary, and every liberal to run in my life time.
Please note, in 2012, ignore the media types. Turn off CNN MSNBC, and ditch the weekly wipe. Get your news and make your decisions based on the views from conservative bloggers who have established credentials. places like Right Wing News, Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, and a host of steadfast local bloggers know what is happening, know what is real and what is BS.
Our economy is being destroyed by the effects of 2006 and 2008. Its time to send em packing, and send the media communists with them.
As for the dems, I hope that by 2012, their party has shrunk to hte point they do not have enough members to fill the delegate hall. Won't happen, but I can dream.

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