Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Right Verdict

A jury in LA has found Johannes Mehserle guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Oscar Grant. Much has been made of race in this incident, a black man killed by a white officer. I am sick to death of the race card. Blacks have had a hand out for the last thirty years. All manner of laws have been crafted to give them special treatment, instead they opt for failure. Besides, most blacks are killed by other blacks, whats the deal, whity taking yo job?
Back to the issue here though. Mehserle killed Grant after subdueing and cuffing him. Grant had continued to struggle, and Mehserle claims he was acting out of fear and intended to taze the maroon.
Grant was a felon, a ner do well with several run ins with the law. He did not learn. That is clear. he had previous incidents that involved resisting arrest. Aparently he loved to fight, especially the police.
I have no sympathy for him. the officer killing him was wrong though. They had him down, had him in cuffs, and even if Mehserle had tazed him as he claims was his intent, it IMHO was unjustified. At that point, you sit on the bastard, on his legs his ass, or even his head, Never the abdomen or chest, and let them wear them selves out struggling.
So what is the right sentence? Mehserle could get 2-4 in jail, probation, or an enhancement to fourteen. For my money, give him the four. yes he used a gun and killed a POS, gun enhancements. like probation, are bullshit. I'd bet he won't srvive four years, not with the number of black thugs in California's prison system.

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