Friday, July 2, 2010

Daughter sues wins

This is disgusting. Aparently the family relationship was a family relationshit. Dad was to pay, and didn't. SHE WAS WASTING HIS MONEY! Theuseless twit, going to school on dads dime got a degree in Art. Its a useless degree, a waste of time, a waste of money. Artistic talent is not something you can teach. All you do then is install robotics. Art is a talent, not a skill. She wasted his money, she should be required to repay him. She will be a leach on society for her entire life, not just on dad, on us as well. Oh, she is going to be a teacher. What a waste. We spend all kinds of time teaching kids feel good crapola, and neglect to train them in skills that will feed them, or create a productive person. Our math training sucks, our science is in the tank, English? maybe as a second language. Our schools are failures, and dana the dumbass will be part of the problem for the next forty years, and longer as she draws hard earned money from people who contribute to the gross domestic product who will be forced to pay retirement on her as well.
Dad, you and your ex are a couple of failures. You should have put a clause in there allowing you a say in what her degree would be in. You failed! Thanks for another magot on society.

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