Monday, May 2, 2011

Congratulations are in order

Congratulations to Mr Obama for bagging civilization enemy number one. From the media, I gather that the military wanted to conduct a surgical bombing operation to nail him, but that you over rode that and specified a strike team instead. Thanks for doing that so we can have certainty about this.
Some folks I talked to Monday thought that we might not have actually gotten Osama. I trust in the integrity of the SEALS, if they conducted the operation, it was real. Whether indeed it was bin Laden is another matter. I personally believe it was. Others think we might have gotten a double and that ObL is either long dead, or living his life out in seclusion. I would have liked to have his body paraded arround the nation, a celebration, a victory parade of a million miles through every town that has lost a son or daughter in the fighting since 9-11-01. Screw politically correct burial for this ass hole, we should have done the parade with him in a casket made of cured ham with a bacon blanket, and at the end, we should have fed his carcass to hogs on an Iowa farm. Just to keep the nay sayers at rest, and piss off islamists.
The possibilities I entertain are that he was planted there as a big target for us by islamists knowing that his death would be a ground swell even for them as they will recruit hundreds of new fighters.
The second is that he thought he was safe, and we indeed got his ass real good by chance combined with dogged intel.
The third is that he thought he was safe, and islamists bent on continuing the fight gave him up with out his knowledge as a recruiting tool.
In any case, I believe he is dead. His nine years of French military tactic #4 has ended. For those of you not familiar with French military tactics, Tactic one is surrender. Tactic two is colaborate. Three is hid behind America, England, or Germany. Four is run like hell, they aint takin no prisoners!
regardless, his death means we need to enhance our security here and abroad, especially for our military in Afghanistan and Iraq. Islamists will continue to fight s long as we play by the silly assed rules we are stuck with. Were it up to me, I would make a few slight changes.
1. No more halal food for the prisoners at Gitmo. Every meal would consist of pork products and stuff cooked in bacon fat. Dogs would roam the compound as would live hogs. Every cell would have a young pig in it for a companion animal.
2. Every unit in combat would have bacon dipped bullets. Modified ammo would be a nonexpanding hollow point with a dab of pork fat in the tip. Bombs would be cased in pork waste products as well.
3. I would retribution bomb islamic cities with said bombs. Rain of pork fat!
4. I would make their women in any area we control dress like Daisy Duke. Every male would be required to be acompanied by a female when in public. Men not accompanied by a woman in short shorts and a halter top would be shot with a porker round.
5. Every terrorist killed would receive a pork fired BBQ cremation. since touching pork is so bad, I want them to understand that messing with us is a sure trip to hell.
Lets see if they want to continue to fight knowing they will go to hell if we kill em. Too bad our politicians have not got the spine for it.


CharlieDelta said...

I like the idea of #4, but before we even go there, those muzzie bitches need to be introduced to razors and/or waxing. BLAGH!

JeremyR said...

Hey, comeon, if you had to walk down a well lit street accompanied by a Rosanne bahr look alike in a tight halter, you'd probably opt for the bullet full of pork. That is what I 'm thinking of.
They worry our soldiers will rape their wimin. Hell, if our GIs get that desperate, let em. having to look at her as they orgasm would be punishment in itself.

Gregory said...

I really love number 4. Damned good idea. And I want all of the rules of engagement to be dropped. All of em!