Monday, May 23, 2011

Republican candidate run down

So it looks like the republican field is shaping up finally. No conservatives yet except Cain to speak of. None of them are perfect, if they were, they would be smart enough to steer clear of the personal hell storm that will occur in the next eighteen months.
Palin has yet to throw her hat in the ring. If she does, She will make a good pairing with Cain or Pawlenty. She has guts, determination, and more brains then the entire liberal caucus in Washouttown. A mark against her is that she quit as governor. I understand the reasons, and it was in the best interests of the state, but too many voters will not understand that.
As I said, Cain is good. Its too bad he is black, not because I am racist, but because the left will troy out the me too candidate canard. That is the only thing that I consider in his skin color. If he is elected, he will be our first true black president. O'bama is 7/16 arab and 1/2 white. Cain is a wise man. he has shown skills as a business man turning several divisions of Pillsbury to profitability, and also with his work for the Navy. Another kudos for him is his role in destroying Hillary hell care in 1994.
More later to include Romney, Pawlenty, and the ones who have chosen to not run.

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