Wednesday, May 18, 2011

San Franfreakshow is at it again

The sickest city in America will soon vote on whether to ban circumcision. I'm sure folks are aware that there are many reason to circumcise infants. First is the religious aspect. A ban on circumcision would mean muslims and Jews would be unwelcome. Many Christians also believe in the practice. The direction is found in the Bible, and with the exception of a few liberal religious groups, it is still used by most Christian organizations.
Second is the health aspect. Circumcision greatly reduces the risk of HPV and HIV infection in heterosexuals. With out a safe haven, the fragile virus quickly dies or is washed away.
Unfortunately, that is not true among homosexuals where the virus is deposited several inches up the ass, and has a warm protected environment in which to grow. I guess they want real equality in the field of infectious diseases. Why should straight men be allowed to have safer sex?
Phreaky Phreddy is right, GOD hates America. If he didn't, San Franfreakshow would have been obliterated by an earthquake decades ago, and all the inhabitants drowned in the bay.

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