Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Supreme injustices of the court fail history

Mandatory prison releases have failed in the past. The bottom line is that when we do it, the scum win. The merry band of fools with law degrees, led this time by injustass Kennedy thinks that prisons are over crowded. Well, maybe they are. We certainly spend too much money on these scum, and way too much housing the convicts. A mandatory cap on Philadelphia's prisons from 1986 to 1995 led to a spike in rapes and other assorted violent crime.
The liars err lawyers need to go back to school, there is a simple word, a-n-d that they some how cannot figure out the meaning of. The California prison system must by the constitution be cruel AND unusual. Maybe it is cruel, but it houses the second lowest scum on the west coast.
I too would like to see the prison populations reduced. I favor shorter sentences. The prisons should be harsh, harsh enough to punish law breakers. No perks, not for even the richest white collar baby. a typical cell should be able to house six prisoners. If Navy Submariners can hot rack, so can social trash. For some crimes, a whipping post is appropriate rather then confinement. especially for first time offenders.
Last, DO AWAY with life sentences. If they cannot be adequately punished in twenty years or less, if they will continue to be a threat to society, execute them. I favor hanging. The long drop method is good, the person suffers very little as they are rendered unconscious by their neck breaking, then they strangle. All the while, their body twitches and jerks as the muscles respond to the lack of signals and deprivation of oxygen. It is a scary sight to watch, one that leaves an impression. If first time offenders were made to witness an execution, they might think twice about another crime. If not, they too can stretch rope. a better alternative would be to hoist the scum bag from the ground. Encase his hands or break them so they are useless, and as his feet are lifted clear of the ground, cut the restraints and let him dance and flail. That would be a most moving show, one to sicken even the hardest thug.
If our prison system was run effectively, we would have less then a third the number of convicts we presently have behind bars. People would think twice about doing the crime because they would be afraid to do the time. It would make the job of the police a lot easier, and they would not feel pressured to act like criminals to catch criminals.
Congress needs to impeach Kennedy, Ginsberg, Kagan, Sotomayor, and Brayer. Drag the trials out so that O'bastard does not get to appoint the replacements. Then they need to be prosecuted as accessories for every crime committed by a released convict.

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