Saturday, May 14, 2011

We need to change a few laws

An idiot named Steven David penned an opinion that is worthless in Barnes v state. He wants to repeal common law regarding resistance of unlawful arrest. While I concur that resistance is futile, the resistee should NEVER be punished for resisting a thugocrat. There are means of redress, true. One sues the officer and gets a judgement that is paid by the tax payers of the state, assuming that one survives the invasion, and officer stoopid, in this case Lenny Reed continues on his merry criminal way. The redress should come directly from the pocket of the officer who was in the wrong. When he walks out of court in a news paper kilt and soda bottle shoes, any balance remaining should come from the police union and if they end up bankrupt, so be it. Those penalties should not be bore by the tax payers. In too many cases, taxpayers are hostage to the legislation and the stupid union rules.
An Accokeek couple Pam and Frank Myers live in fear after local thugs burst into their home, held the couple hostage and killed their dog. No one will ever be punished, the thugs were the local police.
Cheese cake in hand? The New York police commissioner should have had the heads of a couple of police Captains and judges on the platter instead. Computer glitch my ass.
When I was stationed in Germany, a Polezi accidentally killed a GI. German police are exempt from prosecution for acts such as that. The officer died before he ever got back to the station, terminated by his fellow professionals. Professional police do not tolerate incompetence. American cops do.
Some how it has been lost on the politicians and judges what our constitution says, and exactly what it means. The Constitution is written in plain simple English, any one but the dumbest of dumb should be able to understand it. Maybe that is why lawyers and politicians can't.

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