Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm an Ass

I have a friend who has been on the wagon for twenty one years. That friend is from New York. His brother worked in the WTC, at the point of impact of the second plane. His brother had been transferred the week before, so survived. 168 of his coworkers who were friends of Brian did not.
I called Brian yesterday and asked him if he had fallen off the wagon because May day is one occasion even I could drink to.
Neither of us did, but I'm an ass for asking. He didn't call me that. The one thing he would like is pictures to confirm the kill. I can't blame him. for me, the word of the Navy SEALs is good enough. I'd like to see them though just for kicks.
Yup, I'm a blood thirsty bastard. I hope that when the Navy says they washed the carcass, they mean a long line of sailors pissed on his face before they threw him over board.

Does anybody find it ironic that all the stuff the Media accused Bush of doing Barry just did, and narry a peep? I hope they drown carrying his water. I hope their brain cells explode over this. Won't happen, they are morally bankrupt. I'm glad Barry got him, I don't care that it was a war crime, I don't care that he violated the Geneva conventions in doing it. I'm glad the muslims are peeved about it.

We should deliver a thank you gift to Pakistan for harboring him, take out their nuclear capabilities, bomb their military academy flat, and never give them a cent of aid ever again, not even through the UN. Fuck em, and fuck islam.

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Gregory said...

Right on with everything you said.