Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama unarmed?

Just wow! A peace nick liberal orders the execution of an unarmed man hiding in a foreign land, maintaining a low profile to avoid detection. That is amazing! All his years in Chicago must have rubbed off a little. So did Michelle leave the closet where she keeps his testicles unlocked? or did he borrow a pair from Hillary?
No matter what, I am glad Osama is dead. If the Navy had sewn him into a sail with a heavy weight, and tossed his ass overboard alive, to die a slow death as the air inside the sail turned to compressed CO2, thet would have been even better. If it had been done with a sail, water proofed with bacon lard, better still.

Oh, and Obama is still a fuck up. One thing right in two years doesn't make much of a diffrence, but it is one thing right.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this - 2752 people per wikipedia died in the 9 11 events - 8 Were Children - ALL UNARMED. Personally - they ought to have shot him 2752 times starting at his feet, and delivered 8 shots to his f...ing head for the Children.

Pissed in the South