Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A telling photo

A lot is being made about Hillary Clinton in the recently released photo from the White House situation room where she sits with her hand over her mouth. I don't care if she was bored or horrified really. What I find amusing is how Barry is sitting. he looks like a scolded school boy. He is not the leader in the picture. He is off to the side, an after thought on the stage. If anything, that lends credence to the rumors that Leon Panetta made the decision and Obnoxious was drug along on the joy ride.
As to Clinton, given the lack of emotion on the other faces, I think her pose has more to do with boredom then any recoil or shock. her jawline shows her mouth is shut. A Miracle! she aint spewing lies! A look of shock would have a dropped jaw.

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