Friday, April 20, 2012

We're #1. Oh shit.

Stumbled on this little gem yesterday on a link from iowntheworld.
Kansas is 31 in poorest health? I figured it would be either mobile homes, or tornados. Indiana has the real claim to fame. They are least green. Good for them. Wyoming leads with fatal car crashes? Must be all the drunks from Montana. Colorado leads with Cocaine use? its the only thing that will make those mountains go away! Utah and Porn? What? Ten wives isn't enough? Commiefornia and air polution? The smug factor in some areas makes Co seem downright nice. Arizona and alcoholism? What else are you going to do when it 185 degrees outside? In the shade? New Mexico Antisocial? You would be too if you had to live between a drunk and an illiterate. Iowa the oldest state? It only seems like forever when you watch corn grow as the official pastime. Maine the dumbest? Says a lot about Olympia Snowe. Michigan unemployment? I thought ObamAA+ saved the auto industry. Massive clueless has the worst drivers? is some one still covering for Ted kennedy? He's dead, let it go. Hawaii cost of living?Explains why ObamAA+ sees nothing wrong with hundred dollar a gallon gas.
But here in Kansas we are stuck between violent females and female victims. My advice? don't date. They will have issues.
And last but not least, Illiniois leads in robbery. I guess that explains What happened to the stimuless money. Go figger.

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