Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Its Summer! Almost

I'm a part time volunteer for a local organization similar to the Boys and Girls Clubs, that provides day care for non custodial parents during their summer visitations. Today was our first day this year. We gathered our group of kids, nearly twenty in all, and sat them down for an introduction. We asked each of them to introduce themselves, tell us where they were from, and what the parent they were visiting did for a living. Ben went first. He said, "I live in Ohio with my grandparents. I'm here visiting my dad. He's a Platoon Sergeant in the Army." Sarah went next. She said, "I live with my daddy in Texas. I'm here to visit my mommy who is a nurse at the hospital." Johnny was next. He said, "I live with my mom in Colorado. I'm here to see my dad. He's a dancer with a gay cabaret. He lets strange men touch his dick, and some times he takes them in the back, and if they pay him enough, he gives them blow jobs." Needless to say, that ended the introductions, and we volunteers scrambled to get the kids onto some other activity, in this case, a soccer game at City Park. Johnny's dad came for him at lunch. I took it upon myself to approach him about this delicate subject. I began with, "Your son shared quite a bit of interesting stuff about you and your job with the other kids....." Johnny's dad replied, I've never though of my job as interesting. In fact, being an accountant for the IRS is usually pretty boring if not tedious."

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