Thursday, May 9, 2013

One less side show

Jodi Arias has been convicted of 1st degree murder. Maybe had she come forward immediately, she wouldn't have been convicted, then again, she probably wold have. I haven't been following this story, its a distraction for the media to use to divert attention from the important matters happening in Washington. Its long past time for the mediocre to do their job and report on the horrible way this administration has conducted itself in Libya and else where.
I no longer bother to watch the news, I hate being lied to by condescending jerks.
Instead of death, Jodi should get sentenced to life, and stuck in the mens prison so she can be beaten and abused for generations. Ifthey must give her death, stab her to death like she did her exboyfriend.


Gregory said...

That girl damn near cut her boyfriends head off. But if they give her life, some governor will fall in love with her and let her out. It happened here in Montana I think.

Gregory said...

Oh, and I don't watch the news on tv anymore either. Haven't for years.