Monday, September 30, 2013

Shut it down

Communists in the senate are not wanting to negotiate with House republicans who are listening to the American people. Dingy Harry is attempting to shift the blame from his sorry assed party of incompetents to the party of stupid and John Bonehead.
I'm expecting to see The House republicans cave in a few days at most. Keep that in mind when voting time comes arround. I pray that the voters will throw out each and every republican who caves. if they are gonna act like communist, we might as well have a worthless communist in there instead.
So shut it down. Furlough every nonessential person, and after the shut down, don't call m back. There's more than one way to save a buck.
Lets eliminate foreign aid from the budget, completely, forever. Next step, corporate welfare. quit propping up American companies who the American people no longer support. Individual welfare should be next. If you wanna be a bleeding heart and coddle the scum, make them give up their voting rights for a minimum of five years for every year they are on the dole. Drive a wedge between the commies and the Koolaide drinkers. How many do you think would starve? My bet is zero.

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