Saturday, February 13, 2016

Are we screwed or what?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has passed away. The Court of late has been a 5-4 or 4-5 split on many important cases. Scalia was one of the reliable conservatives on the court, but with his passing we are at a 4-4 split until a new associate justice is selected. If Barry selects the replacement, we will be stuck with this for a very long time. It would well mean the destruction of our economy as the liberal wing wants to push us back to third world status and give all our technology to countries like China and other hell holes. We didn't make them hell holes, liberal ideas did that.
Obama's bitch, McConnell has stated that there will not be a replacement selected this term. Don't bank on it. The scenario that kicks this can down the road is Hitlery winning the nomination and stealing the election. She would then appoint Barry to the throne.
If Sanders beats her though, and lets face it, he has far more support, all bets are off. Would people choose a died in the wool life long communist over a crook and a liar? It does appear so.
The establishment won't allow Trump to pick one. Look what they did with Reagan. He wanted to nominate Bork, and instead we got Kennedy, the uber liberal POS. Worse yet was the appointment of Souter by George H.W.Bush.
At present the Court has three justices who are advanced in age, Ruth Bad-bitch Grinchberg, tony the traitor, and Brayer. All three could retire or die in the next four years. It is possible that the make up of the court could swing liberal for the next fifteen to twenty years. By that time we would be s bad off as Greece.
Think about it. How does this fit into the scenario described in Revelation? How close are we? The damage Barry has done may be set in stone, irreversible by almost any means.

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