Sunday, February 21, 2016

Is the Pope a Christian?

I have serious doubts. I am sure that you are aware of what Pope Francis had to say about Donald Trump's proposal to finish the wall between the United States and Liberal medical supplies err Mexico. That is not what has prompted my skepticism.
The latest tidbit is his opposition to justice. While it is true that the Ten Commandments tell us Thou Shalt not Kill, the Bible also has explicit times and conditions where the ultimate punishment is to be applied.
Rape? Check.
Murder? Check.
Adultery? Check.
Bestiality? OK, no cheap shots at Barry, but still, check.
The dope has called for a world wide moratorium on executions. What? The Peace and Justice crowd that infests a large part of the Church is holding a conference in Rome beginning Monday.
His statement in Mexico last week, "All Christians and men of good will are called on to work not only for the abolition of the death penalty, but also to improve prison conditions so that they respect the human dignity of people who have been deprived of their freedom," is insane!
Deprived of their freedom? That's a twist. They are there because, if free, they are likely to harm others.  Many of them have killed, and will kill again. Our prisons fail to adequately punish perps. There is little deterrent. It is a proven fact that when the death penalty is used swiftly, that it saves lives. By the time many condemned reach the end of the line, the only people who remember why they are there are the liars err lawyers, and the families of the victims.
No Francis, what we need to do is get these scum to room temperature as fast as possible. That will save lives and souls. You can bet that the guys who get life rarely accept Christ. A lot of them swing to Mohamhead and the hell bound express. Death row on the other hand has a certain finality that causes them to seek a Savior. While they may proclaim their innocence to the grave, they know in their hearts what awaits them. The guys getting life have no reason to turn it around. Life don't mean LIFE! and they just might get out while still able to raise some more hell and be as evil as they please.
There are many faux Catholics in congress. Nancy P. Lousy and John Forgery Kerry our sucker at State are both prominent Catholics who support infanticide, and could do with a dose of the Gospel. GOD's word is in short supply though with this pontificating pontiff. he is about as much a Biblical scholar as Barry is a Constitutional one.
Thou shalt not Kill? Correctly translated, it means murder. For those of you who think it is state sanctioned murder, go live with them for a week or three. You will walk away wanting to kill them your self.

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