Friday, February 5, 2016


A friend of mine grew up with parents who would routinely buy derelict homes, renovate them, move in for a while, then repeat the process.
On the day he was to leave for college, at breakfast his mom mentioned that they would be moving again. "Joe" thought nothing of it as he headed in to town to do last minute shopping before departing for Manhattan and KSU.
On returning home around noon, he found the house completely empty except for a suitcase on the porch full of his belongings, and a note on top that read, "We moved."
He eventually found where his parents had departed to. When he pulled up, his mom was holding the door, and his dad was exiting the truck with a load of boxes. Dad looked at him, looked at mom and said, "Shit, he found us."
Each of my siblings, for a graduation gift, received a set of luggage. Maybe because I was the baby, or more likely because I'd already joined the military, I didn't get any luggage. I'd attended basic between my junior and senior years, so shortly after graduation it was off to Ft Sill Oklahoma and AIT.
Bad news, I completed the ten week program in under eight weeks. When I got home, dad hadn't gotten the locks changed yet. Besides, it was an old fashioned lock, and I could pick it with a bent nail.
When they are babies, you wanna hold em, when they are toddlers, you wanna strangle em, and when they are teens you wanna shoot em. Its illegal though, so just grit your teeth and wait for the day they bring the grand kids by. Keep a stack of sweets, and REVENGE!

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wirecutter said...

My dad, on my 18th birthday woke me before he left for work to tell me Happy Birthday and to either have a job or be moved out by the time he got home.