Saturday, February 6, 2016

Our founding fathers had it right

In 1913, after 125 years of Senators representing the state, the powers that be decided they should be elected by the voter rather than appointed by the voters chosen representatives.
It may not seem like a big deal, but the winds of change blow back and forth. At the state level there is not as much drama and intrigue as in Washington. Senators for life spend about 90% of their time getting reelected rather than representing the people. They also bend easily to monetary pressure, bribes.
If they were appointed as our founding fathers intended and directed, they would be beholden to the legislature of their home state and less susceptible to the machinations of Washington, knowing that if they stopped doing the bidding of their home state legislature they would be out of a job.
Instead we have hacks like Marko Rubio who say one thing, do another, then deny it ever happened. Lets face it, we screwed up!
How do we get back to doing it the right way? I don't want a Constitutional Convention. They would be taken over by the extreme left because most true conservatives have better things to do than play politician. A convention would gut our Constitution and remove the good and expand the bad. I know, its being ignored by the Congress, president and the Courts 100% of the time, so what does it matter? Well, right now they at least try to make appearances every few years.
Right now the people are mad. We are mad as hell and getting madder by the moment. Nothing will change though, Conservatives will get up, go to work, fume at the talk radio and stay mad. Liberals will get up, go for latte, fume about how conservatives aren't working hard enough to support the life style they are entitled to and Congress needs to raise taxes and increase entitlements. See the problem? Liberals have time to go march in Washington since they don't work. Conservatives can't afford to take the time.

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