Sunday, February 28, 2016

Barry's bitch is at it again

I do not use the term bitch lightly. I am not into degrading women. Barry's Bitch is the spineless scum bag that our over bribed senators chose to be their leader, McConnell. BITCH McConnell.
American Conservatives are fed up with the establishment. when the 2016 election cycle kicked off, the GOPe flooded the field with people who were unelectable, and whose sole purpose was to prop up their weakling choice, Jebbie Bush.
Just like in 2008 and 2012, the establishment wanted some one they control or a demonicRAT. Jeb was just another version, some one who would make The witch of Arkansas look palpable.
Then Trump entered the race. Trump has his faults. he has a lot of faults. He is not the best choice, but he is the best choice running. Wall Street is in panic, they cannot buy him. K Street is in a tizzy, they cannot intimidate him. Now the useless flap of skin that encircles ObamAA-s penis is giving marching orders to the minions, disassociate yourselves from The Donald. What do they care? If their candidates get tossed, a communist shrill is what will replace them, and its business as usual for a few years until they can get to the next election cycle and prop up another Wall Street puppet.
What needs to happen this cycle is for conservatives to toss the GOP elitist crap bags in the primary. Leave the republican senatorial campaign committee sitting and holding millions in funds that they cannot use.
The GOPe want a one world government. they are part of the global elite who want control with out governments to interfere. They cannot be stopped. They can be derailed though. It happened in 1980. Unfortunately they were back on the tracks in 1988 when daddy Bush won.
People need to get out and get active. Complacency is what they count on, people too busy with The Biggest Loser to notice the losers who are running this country.
At some point, it will come to a revolution. They want a revolution. They will call on the UN to bring in troops and put down any attempts to stop their globalist plans.
They are gods to themselves. They do not fear the creator, GOD. They think they rule but do not see that thy are ruled by Satan.
80% of Americans claim to be Christian. of that 80%, a full 75% Do not read the Bible, do not regularly attend Church, Do not pray, do not fast, do not in any way honor their creator. The number is likely much higher. in 1992 Worthless Willie courted the perverts. They claimed to represent 10% of America. He cold shouldered Christians. He won. that should make clear that Bible believing Christians do not have as much electorial power today as the most perverse, most debase, most anti GOD forces can bring to bear. Many Christians do not vote. They clearly see that the system is corrupt. To them I say, all it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing.
Pick a candidate you can believe and support him. If he turns out to be a fool, a tool, or a ghoul, send him packing when reelection time rolls around. That is the beauty of our system, we get do overs every two years.
Yes, I know, senators serve for six, but they see the writing on the wall. even a globalist own POS like Pat Roberts can be made to fear.

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