Saturday, February 27, 2016

Krispy endorsingTrump?

After dropping out of the presidential race, the New Jersey Governor has come out and endorsed Trump! In normal times this would be no big deal, but these are not normal times. Krispy was part of the GOPe cartel designed to put lil Jebbie in as the nominee and ultimately hand the presidency to Hitlery.
After the bloviating blubber bomb gave a speach, Trump had one thing to say, and it was heard by every one, "get in the plane and go home. It's over there. Go home.". Why did that just happen?
Ask your self why Trump would toss a backer. Trump is wise. He has business savvy, and a no nonsense approach. Something pegged his bullshit meter. Never forget that Krispy is a GOPe insider and it is entirely possible that his mission now is to torpedo Trump.
More people are killed by people they thought were friends than are murdered by their worst enemy.
The other possibility is that feeding the galoot would bankrupt his campaign.

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