Monday, January 30, 2017

Another cowardly attack by muslims

When I woke up this morning, the radio commie-traitor was reporting on an attack at a mosque in Canada. My first thought was, bet it was a muslim doing the attack.
As soon as I finished my morning routine, I checked, and sure enough, the shooters were muslims.
This clearly shows the importance of Trumps ban. The problem with his ban is that it is temporary, and as this attack shows, muslims from any background, whether raised in a hell hole like Iran or a local convert can turn murderous as the lies of the pedophile corrupt the brains. Any and all followers of the satanic verses are potential jihadists, the notion of 72 virgins, no matter how wrong will eventually prove too strong a temptation for the weak minded who believe it, and by the time you find out a typical muslim has gone off the deep end, the bullet is en-route, or already in your chest.
One of the subjects was a Canadian born. the other is reported to be an arab. Go figger.

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