Friday, January 6, 2017

Good Riddance

Meh-gyno is leaving faux for Nothing But Crap. I have never cared for her. When Rupert made his little Jeerleader a full time spewing bobble head, I found something else to do for that hour. Not that I spent much time in front of the tube, most nights I don't turn it on. If things were happening in the world though, I'd have it on to catch details, some times.
When the first debate antics were over, I quit watching faux all together. During the election night coverage, I opted to catch the results on the Communist News Network. I might have doubled their viewership that night.
Does her departure mean I am back to watching fox? Nope, not gonna bother. This election cycle proved that they are as much a part of the globalist team as SeeBS. I will not give them the rating boost.
Plenty of other bloggers have covered her departure. What can I add to what has already been said? I got banned from the treehouse over my opinion of her, and they don't like her either. She is past her use by date, she is a sorry foot note in American politics. I'm not sure where NBC sits in terms of viewership, are they even in the top 100?

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