Friday, January 27, 2017

Recycling History

History has a very bad way of repeating itself. With the election of Donald Trump, and his inauguration, we have seen a rising cycle of violence. The press has dubbed Trump Hitler, and his supporters as Nazis. Journey back if you will to the Wiemar Republic in Germany. When Hitler was handed his ass in several elections, who was in the street rioting? The German socialist party. Who is rioting now? America's socialists.
I am a student of history, and while I was not alive in 1923 When Hitler failed in his coup, but from that date on, his march to power was relentless. The elections of 1932-33 were marked by chaos that would closely match what has transpired here. From 2012 to 2016 we have had massive riots in several locations that were purely rebellion against establishment power. While in Germany the riots were more general, here they happened in democrat enclaves, places where  the democrat apparatus would shield the criminal element from being held accountable. The closest they came in Germany was the Beer Hall Putsch.
Because of the elemental differences between our republican government and that of Wiemar, It happened here with the socialist leader on the throne, but holding impotent power. Barry did not have control of either chamber, and though the republicans were owned lock stock and barrel by the same group who manipulate Barry, they could not back him as was desired because that would have sparked whole sale rebellion in the voting booths.
We are locked in to elections every two years. Wiemar was not. If they could not form a coalition government, it was back to the voting booth and pick again. Germany had four in relatively quick succession, September 1930, July 1932, November 1932 and the final one in March 1933 that effectively ended rule by the people in Germany.
One state, California, has effectively ended republican government. Since state elections there are now the top two candidates, I expect that with in six years, it will be democrat vs democrat in every race, just as their U.S. Senate race was commie vs commie. Note  that I am not saying republican party, but republican type of government guaranteed by the constitution. Couple that with voter fraud and the arrogance which led them to disregard voter initiatives, ie a state constitutional amendment, and you have the seeds for anarchy which will soon spread. Really, it is. Colorado, Oregon, Texas, and several other stats are seeing an influx of Komifornians who are fleeing the results of socialism, but are bringing the very ideas that drove them out of California with them.
I do not expect that we will see soviet style communism here. What we will see is more akin to German style socialism. The property rights of the rich will survive just as they did after Wiemar. Since the elite here are part of the club, their lives and standard of living will continue unimpeded.
Meanwhile, in every where else land, the riots will escalate, the rampant violence we see in Chiraq will continue unabated, unless Trump steps in and seals the deal.
Unlike Germany, it will not take cycles of elections to bring about the change. The members of congress who are seated now would cave in a New York minute to any body not Trump. If they can find a way to remove him from power, his legacy will disappear faster than Barry's executive orders. Trumpka and Donahue are the faces we see in this bid to destroy our sovereign status. One manipulates the industry, the other the unions. While they face off at the table, it is a carefully scripted scene more suited to an off Broadway comedy. Unfortunately, it is real life.
Today marks one week of change we can actually believe in. It has shaken the shadowy back rooms like an earth quake and they are trembling, but they already have a battle plan. The enimedia is spreading falsehoods and rumors like a farmer spreads manure. Neither really care where it lands, even if a little lands on them.
Trust in the media is at an all time low. That is not stopping them from doing darth Soros bidding. They are as fanatical as SS troopers. They are not willing to wait four years and especially not eight. The battles they are waging are epic even if we don't see them. Mad Donna put to words what every one of them is thinking. She is only one little mouth piece. Globalism is their goal, and eventually they will have it.
It cost a lot of lives and took many years to root this problem out the last time it reared its ugly head. We are the last true bastion of freedom. There is no where left to run. We stand with Trump or we die alone.

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