Monday, January 2, 2017

Donna Brasshole is wrong.

Communist party interim chair and fake news contributor Donna Brasshole is whining that Trump has an enormous opportunity to work with demonics. Screw them! We have endured eight years of I won, and while republicans have controlled the house since 2010 and the Senate since 2012, little has been done because the worthless waste of sperm from Kenya preferred to use unconstitutional executive orders rather than negotiate legislation.
It's time for the spoiled brats to work with republicans. The next four years needs to be dedicated to undoing the massive damage that Barry Soetoro, Nancy P. Lousy and Dingy Harry have caused to the nation and the world. If the little commies are unhappy with that, they can pack their bags, for real, and move to what ever totalitarian nation they want which will accept them. Canada doesn't want them, but maybe we can mix a few at a time in with the lettuce pickers we will be returning to Mexico, or better yet, they can construct rafts and float to Cuba.
Maybe we could really punish Kim Jong unintelligent and drop them in North Korea.
As for Donna, all the wikileaks stuff about her undermining socialist Bernie should be plastered on Communist News Networks feed 24/7. Maybe people stuck in airports will see it and tell their friends.
Instead of working with the commies, Trump needs to do what is right for America. Donna can go pound sand up her ass. Lot and lots of sand.

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