Sunday, January 1, 2017

Stompy feet wants WAR

By now I think every one except the most brain dead liberal understands that Barry Soetoro wants to start a war with Russia. This has been simmering for over four years, since the hot mike embarrassment, or maybe even longer. When Barry adopted his beta male lead from behind stance, Putin stepped up into the role of world leader. That created another embarrassment for Soro's suck puppet.
Russia has skin in the game. They have a long border that is open for exploitation by the islamists, and all the actions of Barry since he took office have empowered them. We have seen an uptick of attacks all over the world, and Russia has suffered several bad ones. They understand that islam and republican government cannot coexist. The nation states of the middle east have been held in check by the rule of iron fisted despots like Saddam Insane. Not that his removal was a bad thing, attempting to create a democracy there was. That is Bush's fault. Barry and silly Hilly though decided to triple down on failure. After campaigning against the failures of Iraq, they took a road in Libya, Egypt and Syria to achieve the same failings with out direct involvement.
Russia, perceiving how the collapse of those heads of state would impact and empower jihad on their borders opted instead to help bolster and defend those despots, particularly Bashar Assad. The chess moves involved in that resulted in the fiasco at Benghazi which cost one Illary henchman and three American's their lives.
Lets fast forward a bit shall we? Prior to the election, Trump tweeted out about possible actions, by Barry and Company, to hack the election. He was referring to software "bugs" being installed on the voting machines to switch votes. We saw evidence of it btw on election day. Barry responded by proclaiming that the election was not something which could be hacked. Now, one month later, he and the piap are claiming that Russia hacked the election. They have acted on those claims by making 35 Russian diplomats persona non grata. Add to that mix, North Vietnamese Air Ace McInsane calling this an act of war while he is in the Ukraine and pieces start falling in to place.
This is not because he wants to punish Russia for having more spine than a legion of democrats, this is because he wants to punish the American voters who, in choosing Trump, soundly rejected his entire eight years in office. Our electoral system is rigged, we know it is rigged. It's been rigged for 40 years. The rigging though isn't as perfect as what is done in Cuba, Venezuela, or the former Soviet Union where they run one person and he gets 100% of the vote, or 99% of the vote and a 1% uptick in unexplained deaths. We have had one good leader in my life time and will soon, GOD willing, have a second. Most of our elections can be characterized as the evil of two lessers, and in 2008 we got one that was a real negativity. Had republicans run some one even half competent in 2012, we would not be where we are today, and Trump would never have run. They did this to themselves in reelecting Barry.
How far will this mad man go? Well, it's not only Barry. George Soros has his gnarled hand shoved up Barry's ass and is the one manipulating the mouth. Considering that this man betrayed family and neighbors to the nazi's in his native Hungary and is unrepentant, you can bet he will go all the way to pushing the button to start war.
Is that possible? Nine years ago I'd have said no. If "W" had wanted to launch a preemptive strike like what was portrayed on The Last Resort, it never would have happened. The men and women in the chain of command that it takes to make such an event possible are not automatons who respond with out thinking. That statement was true then, it is true now. The question though is with the purges of the military that Barry has done since taking office, do the men and women remaining hold such ideological bias that they would forego duty in deference to their leader and carry out such an attack? We know he purged the upper echelons of officers based on whether they would fire on fellow citizens, how far down the chain did those purges go?
Would Johnny maverick McRino succeed in pushing a declaration of war through Congress? At this point, I highly doubt it. It is possible though that given the purges, there are one or two people in positions of power in the military who could make an act of war happen. It might be possible that a submarine on patrol would have the necessary members of the crew in place to carry out either a strike against Russia, or possibly a strike directed against the home land. Lob a nuke right into down town Leavenworth, home of the Command and General Staff College, then before the debris has fallen, launch a counter strike against Russia. Could it happen? It could.
George and Barry see power slipping from their grasp. George is 86, eight years of delay are unacceptable to him for his quest for one world government. Did I mention he has a major beef with Russia? You knew that too.
These things, today, are what hangs in the balance. So far, Russia has treated Barry like a school yard bully treats a diaper monster. Even the meanest sixteen year old would laugh at a toddler who wanted to fight him. They might tease him and taunt, but come on. Putin has worn the big boy pants through this entire process. He will not be goaded in to an act of war at this stage. If Barry and George ultimately decide that they will have war though, no amount of skullduggery will be unimaginable.
We have twenty more days until Barry is a footnote. He has twenty days to do something to keep from becoming a mere foot note in history as the first and worst Arab President. After that, the magic eraser goes to work on his legacy.

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