Monday, January 9, 2017


Cecil B. DeMille for whom the award given to Meryl Creep is names was a life long republican and also a devout Christian. His most enduring works dealt with Biblical themes and "The Ten Commandments" is perhaps his best known. Probably the highest honor he ever received was that of designing the uniforms for the Air Force Academy which are still used today. He was a man worthy of the icon status which many of the weirdo's who pollute the silver screen now demean by claiming.
I saw on the news this morning that the award which bears his name was given by the socialist foreign press to liberal nut house Meryl Streep. She used her time at the microphone to slam and demean the President elect without using his name.
Trump fired back, calling her over rated. The communist press is all ablaze about it saying he is wrong. Well, I think he is wrong as well, calling her over rated is like picking the smelliest turd in the sewer. Hollywood as a whole is over rated. Most of what flows from their studios is low grade dog food by comparison to what was made when Cecil B DeMille was cranking out films. Their fare is so bad that Streep is referred to by the media as "the best actress of her generation". She objects to that designation. It is possibly the only thing she is right about. I couldn't name one film she has starred in. Hell, I'm not sure I've even seen one with her in.
Media whore Meryl wants us to believe the lie that Trump mocked a disabled reporter. He. Did. Not. OK, maybe the guy is paralyzed from the neck up, in which case Donald did mock him. Many in the press are.
Join with me in sending a message to Hollywood by not supporting their mental filth this year. No movies, No DVDs. Find another form of entertainment and get your mind back. They deserve our money about as much as Kim Jong Un does.


Bob Tamewitz said...

I agree with you 100%. I've commented about her acting ability on a number of other blogs. She pretty much is the same character in every movie whether it's a comedy or a drama. Not much emotion, just all weepy eyed. Someone else commented on another blog that Robert DeNiro does the same thing. Same character, different makeup. That comment reminded me of another up and coming actress, Kristen Stewart. Same character, resting bitch face. A lot of the "B" movie actors and actresses in my beloved '50s sci-fi films had more range than most of them today. The ones today aren't even as good as most of the players from the TV shows from the '50s to the '70s who they would look down upon.....

JeremyR said...

Bob, well said, thank you.