Thursday, January 12, 2017

Time to call in the Marines

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children have served this nation in times of trouble. From the very first, they have distinguished themselves by their service and their sacrifice. As the list of performers who won't perform for Donald Trump grows to infinity, it is time to call in the Marines.
The oldest professional musical organization in the United States is the United States Marine Band. Established by act of Congress on 11 July 1798, they have performed for our nation since. They first performed at an inauguration in 1801 for Thomas Jefferson and have since been known as "The President's Own". Quite an honor to hold.
Don't confuse them with "The Comandant's Own", The Marine Drum and Bugle Corps which are an equally worthy group.
I'm not dissing nor dismissing the bands from any of the other services,for an event of this magnitude, it would be appropriate for all the services to have their bands there to represent and entertain the new administration and in the same fell swoop, dismiss the childish antics of performers who would gladly perform for despots from Uzbekistan to Libya.
I'd boycott the musicians too except I already don't buy their crap. If there was ever any doubt, the events of the last two months should have cleared it all up. These people who don't work for a living are scum of the earth. They are parasites. Like a tick on a dog, they contribute nothing, and suck the good out of our nation. What they give us in return is as bad as shit. They demand we be accepting of their immorality and call their perversions normal.
Trump kicked CNN to the curb, it is time to do the same with a select lot of "enter-stainers as well.

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