Sunday, December 1, 2019

Does this shock you?

Nina Singleton of Chicago is being held without bail after supposedly body slamming her infant daughter. Why? Because the precious child reminded her of her now ex boyfriend.
Are you shocked?  Sad to say, I am not. New York just made it legal for a mother to kill her just born child. Virginia contemplated similar legislation. Is there much difference between a baby two months before birth vs a baby two months old? Size is the main consideration, a preemie can easily survive with proper care much younger children have.  The issue is care. A two year old would likely not survive without constant care and assistance, and frankly, most ten year olds would be in a world of hurt if they were lost and alone any place but a Burger King.
This is a shame on our nation. we were told in 1973 that only wanted babies would be born after Roe v Wade. We were lied to. We knew it then, we have the proof now.
End times prophesy, every human tie will perish. Even marriage is mostly dead here, now. Friend to friend unfaithful prove. get stabbed in the back much? me too. Mothers cease their own to cherish. GOD, help us. And please dear LORD, help that precious child Nina Singleton so hated.

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