Monday, December 16, 2019

Obstruction of Justice? obstruction of US

Abraham Lincoln, at the height of the Civil war said, "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure....
We are again at the brink of Civil War. This time, instead of North vs South, we have bureaucrats who think it is their job to decide how the country is run opposing the will of the American people. For twenty eight years we have had insider government. George H.W. Bush was a career Washington insider. While he ran as a republican, he governed like a democrat. His failure to stand by his word made him one of only a few single term Presidents. Carter, Ford, Hoover and Taft round out the ones from the 20th Century.
He was followed of course, by Worthless Willie who was more a criminal than an insider. Still, he used manipulated and expanded the deep state for his own gain. His wife on the other hand was a deep stater. Her roots run back to Watergate where it was determined she was too sleazy even for the scum bags who went after Nixon.
Next up, 2000 where the choice between Gore and George W. Bush was not a question of whether either would run us over the cliff, but merely what gear. In choosing Bush Americans hoped they were selecting granny low. The events of 9-11-01 and the flurry of legislation stripping our rights proved the choice was actually between going over in a jet powered vs rocket powered ride of death.
He was followed by Barry the puppet. Barry had many strings, and it often appeared his master pulling the strings was ValJar the Iranian asset. One has to wonder if the cash gift to the mullah's was her idea or if it came from Barry which I doubt. I just cannot see an Arab like Barry being that friendly to the Persians of his own accord.
While Barry was keeping us distracted with his bone headed stupidity which set race relations in America back over a hundred years, his 2nd in command was busy hauling in loads of cash via his son's accounts. Avoids the inheritance taxes that way. But the drug addled Hunter was not alone in his endeavors, we know that the fine upstanding Secretary of State was soliciting millions into her slush fund faux charity in exchange for access to the government
Then of course she was replaced by the stolen valor champ whose son partnered with Hunter Biden to sweep in the largess from Ukraine China and who knows what other nations. It looked like we would give a billion in "aid" and they would skim a cool percentage off the top.
Years back when I was in a small town government, we had organizations which specialized in preparing grant applications. they would get a 2-5% cut of what ever federal block grant the city managed to win. This has a similar look, but here we did not have a body of assistance getting a cut, we had the people writing the checks getting a cut.
Something puzzled me about the Ukraine fiasco. At the start of the light in the shorts bringer's term, he axed a number of deal which were intended to beef up Ukrainian defenses as they faced a growing threat from Putin's Russia.
Putin as we all know, got a cherry deal, a percentage of U.S. uranium assets via the uranium one deal. talk about collusion, After that, Putin should have been on the campaign bus at every stop with the Piap.
At any rate, Ukraine was left high and dry. Putin stole the Crimea from them, and they were in a serious world of hurt since we'd unfriended them on world book. Suddenly its "oh hey, you need loans, you need foreign aid? Basically the old "nice store you have here, be a shame if it burned to the ground tonight."
I don't think many people were angry about that back in 2016. Most of us were unaware of the kind of shady deals happening in far off places. What had many of us irate was the bleeding of American jobs and American know how to China. Technology that gave us an edge was being handed over to the Chi-Coms and they were exploiting it in ways that threatened our nation's existence. we were on the road to third world shit hole status.
What these people wanted to do to America makes Bain Capital look like  child's play.
Destroying our nation is a priority to the deep state. They want power. They want control, and they don't get it when we are making money and don't need the nanny staters. My personal belief is they want to create exactly the sort of world government that John wrote about in Revelation. One which will quickly become the ultimate in evil, over powering, controlling.
A lot of people saw the problem. A lot of people knew what it would take to fix the problem. Back in 2000 we got saddled with Bush redux. Well, when the choice came down to him or Gore... In 2004 our options were more Bush or Stolen Valor Ketchup boy. The lesser of two evils. 2008 conservatives got saddled with the anything BUT conservative John McStain. Let's see, pick the democratic socialist running as a democrat, or the democratic socialist running as a republican. At least Barry was honest about being a communist. We made it through four years of Barry and when it is time for another election, what did the party elite decide? let's run the older white version of Barry.
2016 was shaping up to be another disaster. Republican leadershit filled the debate stage with a bunch of ragtag losers. The socialists of course were offering HiLlARy her time to shine. it was almost like the repubs wanted her to be the first openly female President. (I say that because I've never seen Barry in a dress.. Although when his "wife" wore one, it sure looked like there was a package.)
At that point a lot of people were ready to just give up on elected government. No, not surrender the Constitution, just give up, stay home, and accept a fate unimaginable even fifty years ago.
Through the dust and the smoke of that man made hell 
Walked an orange haired man that America knows well.
Put on a MAGA hat, picked up a microphone, 
Cleared the debate stage and sent em all home. 
Big Don.
While many people knew what to do, it took a special kind of person to do it. One who could take down the establishment and offer to the people the kind of government our forefathers envisioned.
America got on the MAGA train and the rest should have been history.
Instead, we have the District of Columbia dead set on preventing our President from doing the job We elected him to do.
The second problem is that Washington is not in the business of fixing the problems they create. They would be putting themselves out of work. Amazing that people who really don't want to work are determined to keep the jobs they don't do.
Donald Trump has carried through on nearly all the campaign promises he made. He has done it while having to fend off constant attacks from the Washington establishment, the media, the former administration, and the supposed republicans in Congress. And he has been successful. And they hate him for it.
Presently the scum in Congress are preparing articles of impeachment. They want to charge him with Obstructing Congress when they are the ones being obstructionist.
In 2018 we cleaned the House of a lot of republican trash. In 2020 we will have to get rid of the garbage we replaced them with and elect true conservatives to Congress. If we got real Conservatives, the 2022 midterm would be an anomaly. The House might actually gain seats for  the party in power. President Trump can do it if he holds true to his plans. The only thing preventing him from doing so is the Congress who are obstructing him, and by obstructing him, they are obstructing US.
Our media is laughable. the covered every second of Pencil neck's witness testimony. then, when it was time for republicans to rebut, they switched away and the every day person got to hear nothing about what a house of cards this whole affair is. Queen of Hearts step aside, you were an amateur, a piker.

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